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Welcome to the Way to Heaven Kennel website! We are a small labrador retriever kennel in Tartumaa county, Estonia. We have many years of experience with dogs, despite the fact that we only recently have started an official kennel. Our first retriever was a Flat Coated male. From the very beginning we have been fascinated by the character of retrievers. They are very human – centered and learn very quickly. Retrievers have been bred to cooperate with humans at solving many different kinds of tasks. Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world because they are very intelligent, kind and social. In our own family we decided to get a labrador retriever because this breed fits well in a family with small children. Labrador retrievers are altogether without aggression, and they are capable of getting used to very different kinds of situations. They are ideal family dogs, and they get well along with children and other pets in the family. At the same time labrador retrievers are good working dogs for many different tasks. They are perfect companions both indoors and outdoors.

The goal of our kennel is to breed healthy puppies that comply with the FCI standard for Labrador Retrievers. In our breeding we follow the guidelines of the Estonian Kennel Union.